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creative portfolio: books & stories

i've been writing ever since i could hold a pencil...

I've always had a heart for story, whether that be through books, films, TV series, you name it! Books hold a special place in my heart. I wrote and completed my first book, Faith Over Fear, when I was 13. At 17, I published my novel, Anywhere But Here. I even got to edit and design the cover!


I haven't stopped writing since then! I've definitely learned a lot and I'm continuing to develop new ideas. With every story I write, I hope to bring a sense of adventure, family, and hope. 


The majority of my stories listed below are available to read for free on Wattpad, while my published novel is available on Amazon. Can't wait to share more stories with you in the future! 

available reads


anywhere but here




"The night I met the Olsons, the family was in chaos."


All his mother's life, she had denied the fact of having a son. Except, in his mind, she was right. As soon as Sawyer had the chance, he ran as fast and as far as he could with a backpack and an ambition. He set off, not looking back, sifting through feelings of insecurity. All his life, he had been told he was the criminal, not the victim. Running away was always part of the plan-- as an outcast, it was silently expected. Soon, he finds that leaving his past behind isn't as easy as he thought. His solution to the predicament of his life seemed to enhance his downfall. As he stumbles through the journey, he runs into individuals that seem to have it all together. Now, as his judgement becomes hazy, he begins to see that perfect doesn't exist. And his hopeless case doesn't have to either.


echoes into eternity




"I just wanted peace. I just wanted to be with him."


For as long as she can remember, Adaliah has always had Owen as her best friend; Adaliah couldn't imagine living without him. Until she is forced to to just that. After a year of him being gone, she is still working through her grief. Even though life seems to be getting easier, she is hit yet again. One night brings hope back into Adaliah's soul... As well as confusion and fear. Suddenly, she has a choice that she didn't even know existed. Owen has an unfinished legacy, and she's the only one who can complete his objective to be admitted into an elite society, also known as immortality. Between harsh reality and living forever in paradise, it is obvious she would want the latter. However, not everything is as it seems. Soon, Adaliah understands that what she doesn't know could hurt her and the people she cares about. Pain mixed with grief, fear, expectations, and love only push Adaliah to question everything she has ever trusted, including the things she held close. Little did she know, the questions would only seal her fate.


why i can't rule the world



Sometimes, expecting something out of someone is the worst way to connect with them. Tin Tin Amble knows this all too well, coming from a family with a father who wants him to do everything but what Tin Tin wants to do and a mother living in fear that her marriage isn't scaling up to what she expected. Not to mention two younger siblings who he feels responsible for. Pressure's on to be perfect, but he's anything other than that. In school, he's known as the High School's photographer. He carries his camera with him everywhere and is definitely in the "in" crowd. Then the phrase "Do it, you won't!" is directed at him in particular and he snaps. In desperation to prove himself once and for all, he gives in to prank a girl, also in his Junior class, named Alivia. Little did he know that the prank was all part of God's plan for something more worth while than trying to prove who he is to a bunch of kids.


the center of gravity


If We're Real Series: BOOK 1

» Being home alone in an empty house can be fun-- for a few hours. But how about weeks? «

Rowin Lifile has tried everything. The police, FBI, school, hospital, friends, family-- everyone she can think of. No one can explain the four mysterious disappearances of her mother, father, brother, and sister. Basically because there isn't anyone to tell her. It's like the world decided to disappear and she was the only one left. For weeks, she's been living alone. Rationing her food and swimming in past memories. That is, until a boy shows up. Neither of them know the other with one exception; he's lost his memory. He can hardly remember his own name, much less how he found Rowin in the first place. Soon, their friendship turns into something that helps them survive. Then Rowin makes a discovery that changes everything, taking her mind to places she couldn't imagine. Before either herself or the boy can interpret what happen, they realize something-- Someone's been watching.


the maze of existence


If We're Real Series


» She changed everything; even if no one knew it. «

Four months have passed. And nothing. Rowin has finally started to come back to her senses of real life-- even if her past still haunts her in her dreams, her waking moments, and even in her friendship with the guy she met, Eden. Her family is still gone, Seth disappeared, and Cassius hasn't been heard from. Basically, the only ones who know she exists are the owners of the Refugee Center, Eden, and his aunt. Eden and Rowin slowly become friends, making pranking their first priority, doing it without getting caught their second, and reality third. Unfortunately, every era must come to an end. Suddenly, her and Eden are caught in a much more serious circumstance than intended. Rowin doesn't have a choice. With a flick of her wrist, she reveals her entire past to him. Only, he was hiding something, too. Something that could bring everything back to the way it was.


The Trace of Stars


If We're Real Series


» Sanity was a precious gift they didn't realize they had -- until it was taken from them. «

A spilt second was all it took for Rowin's life to fall apart. As the ones she cares for disappear one by one, she realizes the Elements go far beyond her. Driven by fear and desperation, she throws herself into a war she knows she can't win. Already, Jonathan has lost himself, Adria is stuck in fear, Lincoln is on the run, Eden has turned himself in, and Seth's memories are gone. Rowin is left scrambling to keep everyone the way she knows them and loves them. In the midst of the running, the chaos, and the terror, she begins to see another way of embracing the fight. The most deadly things are worth enduring if it means gaining who you really are.


faith over fear


Rylyn Delson's life has been pretty predictable for the past eight years after her mother's death. She's gotten used to her dad being "clingy". But when life takes a turn for the unexpected, Rylyn has to face the reality of the world alone, with no one who understands. God understands, doesn't He? What good is He planning to come out of this anyway?

Meanwhile David Ark and his wife, Mirissa, are just a Christian couple adjusting to their new lives in the town of Riverside. Getting to know the teens firsthand as a Youth Minister, he discovers the shy, only child girl with a hard past. Soon after gravitating toward her, tragedy strikes her hard. When they take her in, both of them go through hard times themselves. But God's ways are higher than our's, right?

Told from the two perspectives that resemble a father-daughter relationship, they not only discover hidden truths of the struggles but also try to learn to take on unwavering faith.

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