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Hello! Welcome to Sunshine & Rayne!

My name is Abigail Rayne! I love to write and have wanted to start a blog for a while now, so here I am!

Here are some quick facts about me and what to expect on this website:

About me:

1. I have a book published! It's titled "Anywhere But Here" and is available on Amazon!

2. I love reading!

3. I enjoy painting, drawing, and am learning how to create digital art.

4. My favorite animal is an elephant. :)

5. I am a Christian! I was baptized into Jesus in 2013.

About the website:

  • The goal of everything I post is to bring glory to God and to teach others about Him!

  • My blog posts will usually be devotionals and I plan on updating weekly.

  • The "Books" page contains links to my books you can read! Many of them are available on Wattpad (where you can read them for free. Woo-hoo!).

  • If you sign up for the email list, you will be updated whenever I post so you won't miss a thing!

I am so excited and blessed to have this opportunity to write! I cannot wait to share with you and look forward to interacting with you!

To stay in the loop, follow me on social media! I am most active on Instagram.

--> Instagram: @sunshine_and_rayne_

--> Twitter: @AbigailRayne_

--> Pintrest: Abigail Rayne

--> Wattpad: ByFaithForFaith

That's all for now!Thank you so much for reading!


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